Pete J. Aguirre an Imperial Valley, California based farmer and businessman establishes a fertilizer distribution business in Mexicali, Mexico – SERVICIOS NH3. The fledgling operation grew into one of the largest fertilizer distributors in the region. Its reputation of excellent service, value, and integrity continues to drive its success some 60 years after it was established. It was through relationships created in SERVICIOS that the idea of planting asparagus in northern Mexico was conceived. SERVICIOS is an important component to our history; it served as the foundation for our values and provided the wherewithal for our farming operations’ formation.



Asparagus trials begin in Mexicali, Mexico. First time this crop was planted in the valley. Our founding members were pioneers.



Santillan family enters partnership.



Asparagus trials turn into going concern as a custom growing deal is reached with Green Giant to supply asparagus for its canning operations. Asparagus acreage expands to 2,500 acres.



Green Onion trials commence in the Mexicali Valley. Our founding members were pioneers.



Elias family joins the partnership.



Grower group explores fresh market avenue for asparagus and establishes sales and marketing company to pursue fresh market alternative.



Grower group introduces asparagus crop to Caborca, Sonora. Trials begin. 1970-1999 Partnership sees tremendous growth in asparagus and green onion categories.

• Pioneered asparagus packs for Japanese market.
• Developed asparagus packs for various retail and wholesale markets. • Expansion of asparagus and green onion facilities.



Partnership divests of its interests in the sales and marketing end of the business and focuses resources on expansion of farming and processing operations.



Our production was marketed through various Salinas-based broad-line shippers and recognized for our excellent quality, consistency, and as early adopters of food safety programs.



Our grower owners decide to re-enter the sales and marketing arena and introduce Baja Son Premium asparagus label.

• We are one of a select few asparagus and green onion sales and marketing companies that can make the claim that we are the grower.

• We directly grow, harvest, process, and ship over 4,000 plus acres.

• We are a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business. TODAY We are now the only asparagus shipper you’ll ever need!